Team Members

Katherine Jalloh

CEO, Administrator

She is the Administrator of Mercy Healthcare Services.  Ms. Katherine is a highly skilled Registered Nurse with over 18 year of Nursing Experience both at home and abroad and licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia and this gives her the opportunity to work in the state of Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia. She specializes in areas of pediatrics, oncology, emergency room, triaging, orthopedics and medical surgical with emphasis on home care where she works directly with medically fragile children.

She has a broad knowledge of the Federal, State and local laws regarding patients and treatments in the field of Nursing with concentration in home care Nursing.

She is also an expert in handling people from diverse culture and backgrounds.

Fatmata Jalloh

Director of Nursing

She is a registered nurse in the state of Maryland with over 10 years of experience in the She is also an expert in handling people from diverse culture and backgrounds.field of nursing. She specializes in the field of pediatrics and Neonatal nursing whereby she provides optimum patient care with continued professional training. She possesses a detailed knowledge of advanced technologies of medical terminologies and very skillful in dealing with children and their families.

Temitope Enoma

Operations Manager and Business Analyst

He is the Operations Manager and Business Analyst of the Agency with over 5 years of professional experience in the healthcare sector as a Business Analyst and Information Technologist. He possesses a sound knowledge of the IT skills needed to enhance the services provided by the agency to its clients. He is a detailed and oriented professional with excellent capabilities to apply critical thinking, organizational and communication skills in delivering quality work consistently in the healthcare field.

Olumayowa Enoma

Occupational Therapist

She is the Occupational Therapist of the agency with over 3 years of professional work experience in the healthcare field and she is being with the agency since 2011. Her specializations are in the areas of mental health and occupational performance in children and adolescents. He is very articulate in the provision of sensory education to children through carefully selected sensory interventions/activities especially vestibular and tactical activity.

She is also experienced in the preparation of children for group or individual therapy in conjunction with the classroom teacher.